2013 Nominee - McSwain Grand Awards Show
"Group of the Year"

"Lauren is one of the most humble individuals I've ever met,
and she is a true believer in music.
A rare discovery for her age."

Amber Taylor D.J. at 100.1 KYKC
~Deeper Shade of Blue~
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Sawyer and Lauren jumping for joy!!!
Tracking for Deeper Shade of Blue has come to a completion!!!!
Check out our brand new profile on Deli Radio! You can listen to "Deeper Shade of Blue" for free!!!


This year is shaping up to be pretty incredible guys! We have added A LOT of dates to our schedule and we will be traveling all over the place with our Junk Hippy family! These are the most fun events and you should really plan to come out to a show while we are touring with them. As always, much love from the Lee family as we start a brand new year!

Updated January 23rd

Lauren & Sawyer are returning to Oklahoma LIVE!!! This time they are going on location at the Oklahoma State Fair. They are thrilled to be joined by special guest Levi Parham. Tune into KSBI at 1:00 on September the 21st to watch the show! OR! You could join us at the state fair and be a part of the show!!!

Updated July 29th

Lauren and the guys are VERY excited to announce that they are nominees for Group of the Year at the 2013 McSwain Grand Awards Show! They competed in a preliminary round based upon audience vote to be a top 5 finalist on June 15th. They move on to the Top 5 Performance held on September 21st. They will again compete for audience vote. Tickets for that show can be purchased at www.McSwainTheatre.com Be there so you can vote!!!

Updated June 18th

Lauren and Sawyer are back on the schedule to perform on Oklahoma LIVE! The live broadcast will be on May 14th at 4:00. Channel 52 KSBI is where you'll want to tune in! And for our out of state friends, check out the officiall LL+LR facebook page for an announcement of it airing online. This will be the 4th time the band has performed on the show and it's always a fun time! Tune in! 

Updated May 8th

LL+LR are very excited to announce that they are officially booked to perform at the 2013 Woody Guthrie Folk Festival! This will be the 4th consecutive year for the band to perform. Lauren says, "It's an honor to be performing side by side with some of the most distinguished musicians in the folk music industry. It's definitely the most anticiapted event of the year for us." Make plans to join us the 2nd weekend in July as we celebrate Woody Guthrie's 101st birthday!!!

Updated April 2nd

Lauren and the guys are THRILLED to be back as performers at the 15th Annual Woody Guthrie Folk Festival!!!!! Here's a great article on the festival and even talks about LL+LR debuting their new album!!!


Updated May 23rd


We're proud to announce that NEW music is on its way!!! We're going into the studio starting in April and will be releasing a new EP this Summer!!! It will include 6 original songs. Stay tuned for more updates on the new recording project!!!

To give you a sample of what's to come on the new album, check out this link... www.ksbitv.com/oklahoma-live/musical-guests/Lauren-Lee--Sawyer-140341283.html

The song "Maybe" written by Lauren will be on the new EP.

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Updated March 28, 2012

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